Our first year in the new store.

It looks a bit empty but it won't take us long to fill it up.

The woven iron display case on the right was manufactured by Bago Luma. It makes a great addition to your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

This beautiful serving ware is from the Belaverra Oak & Acorn and Fleur de Lis collections.

The back wall was faux painted by a local artisan, Brian LeSage. It was accomplished by painting the wall a pale yellow and blotting over it with a rag using a chocolate glaze.
Add a mantle to a wall without a fireplace. It adds a wonderful focal point to your room, works well as a shelf, and you can also use it as a sort of headboard in a guest room.
This set of rustic red vases is from the Mathews Company. We love their vintage style finish and the pop of color they add.
This salvaged window would work great in your potting shed. Just add shelves for planters and hooks for gardening tools.
This red room is the areawe call the kitchen in our store. The walls are painted a Sherwin Williams color called Cajun Red.
Salvaged windows make great room dividers as well as adding architectural interest. Screw brackets to the bottom on both sides to make it free standing.
Our cash wrap was custom made from beautiful antique church doors. Note the hardware we added back to the front.