Crafty Christmas Decor

The holidays certainly bring out the crafty and creative in us…just like everyone else. The more festive and adorned the better! From table tops to mantles to sparkling trees and overlooked corners this "scrapbook" of ideas is meant to pique your interest and put your goals in motion. Need help? Just call on our designers!

Counter top splendor!
Beautiful reindeer, globes full of baubles, plenty of frosted greenery and a partridge in a slim pear tree.
A shabby chic cupboard
and a nearby table play host to whimsical decorations, holiday place settings and servers, tea towels and a pair of appropriately dressed gingerbread people.
Letting the woodlands lead the way
This mostly neutral palette is serene and organic while still reflecting the spirit of the season.
Holiday Table
Clearly a table set for an open house or party and featuring the iconic hostess must-haves from Gracious Goods. Style and elegance mix with lush greens, shiny ornaments and a statuary depiction of Mary and Joseph.
Gracious Goods Holiday Table
A wider view of the table in concert with whole room décor. And more of that delicious GG Collection!
A masterfully dressed dining table
Reindeer and acorns of natural materials, tartan ribbon and large scale metal lanterns are drawn together as a centerpiece by twig branches. Perfect for a lodge or cabin but just as charismatic in a suburban home
Flirty faux squirrels
Compete with the ribbon and finery to become part of a tree topper!
Handsome Foyer Display
No, it's not Bambi on a platter! We just elevated the seated deer so everyone could get a better look! He'd be very handsome in a foyer or gracing a counter top.
Manger Scene
A classic combination of white, silver and green. The cloche encases a small manager scene.
Birdhouse Mantel
A close up of the mantle sporting snow-capped bird houses and their residents amid frosty branches. Dual mirrors reflect the direct and ambient light.
Added Dimension
Add more dimension with similar items, textures and colors placed nearby. The mantle and trunk repeat the theme in hue.
Dressed for the Holidays
A small cabinet gets dressed for the holidays and could easily dispense those last minute gifts for neighbors and guests. As the sign says, a great way to avoid getting your tinsel in a tangle!
Even the Pot Rack?
Ingenious use of stars and greenery on a usually-found-in-the-kitchen pot rack. And a clever repurposing of an old iron gate!
Simple Touches
Snowy branches, a rustic mirror and touches of silver mix with urns, candles and weathered wood accents. Simple touches that recall a simpler time.
Tin Touches
A second look reveals tins ceiling panels, and a small glass topped table with a lacy metal apron.
Seek inspiration in your location!
A wow factor tree owes its splendid décor to the nearby shore. Note the fishing net, the lobster trap and the wicker baskets. Wonderfully accompanied by some framed water fowl.
It's a sign of the times!
Unique and relative box signs, individual monogram letters and talking pillows offer messages of hope and hilarity. And who said trees must be green?
Birdhouse Tree
A starry, starry night and a winter wonderland of icy white. Is that a snowy owl atop the birdhouse tree?
Snowy Forest
Set in a snowy forest this seasonal tree shines with regal pops of color and a sprinkling of avian ornamentation.
Winter Garden
Another view of the wintry entry! Note the icicles and winter fruit!
Christmas Elves
More traditional in color, this tree has elfin qualities. Characters of every stripe and smartly wrapped packages march down the branches while a cheery Ho Ho Ho trills from under the pointy elf hat tree topper.
We Believe
How about this for a holiday greeting? A long and tall Santa, rotund snowmen and kerchief clad creatures depict every Christmas story and song as a welcome to all who still believe!
Hark the Herald Angel Sings
A cinematic nod to the angel who earns its wings. Both bring the season into focus.