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Custom Bay Window Rods

Item #:13-CB

Made to your size and joined in the corners with patent-pending coil connectors for easy and quick installation. We do the math for angles and bracket projections and rod diameters. Just give us the easy physical wall measurements we describe. Now decorative metal rods for bay windows are easier than wood!

Each rod has the finials welded to the end, and comes in interconnecting sections for easy handling and to minimize shipping charges. All rods will be the same diameter for the length specified. You specify the exact length. Rods will have minor visible seams where interconnected, but no lips as with an adjustable rod. We locate seams at bracket locations to further minimize their appearance, unlike adjustable rods. Also, you may specify the seam location preferences up to 45" spacing between the seams. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. Otherwise, seams will be equally spaced apart between brackets up to 45". We allow 1-1/2" from the center of the outer bracket to the base of the finials.

Bay window rods are joined in the comers with a flexible wire coil (like a spring), which fits inside the hollow steel rods. This allows the rods to flex, so that if your wall is not at the same angle as where it was measured, the rod will still fit nicely. It allows for adjustments of up to 3" in length, by exposing more of the wire coil connector. We ship the bay with the optimal amount of coil viewed from the front to be only 1/4" to 1/2". The optimal amount is mathematically determined based on the information you provide for the BLB, BCB, and BRB measurements, as well as the angles in the bay, combined with information we already know about the bracket projection and rod diameters. We do the math and the rod will fit perfect every time making the installation quick and easy!

Brackets are ordered separately and you select the type of mounting system (wall, ceiling or inside).

By having your rod custom sized, you get easy installation as all parts are factory cut and finished. Custom rods are priced as a base cost for four feet, plus a charge for each foot or fraction thereof. All measurements are from finial base to finial base. When requesting a quote for a custom rod, we will be happy to assist you. Diagrams of custom rod styles are below and show the measurements required.

To measure for your custom rod

Bay Window Measurement

For bay window rods, we suggest that you place their finger on the physical wall where the base of the finial should be, then measure on the wall to the physical comer. For center sections of a bay window configuration, measure the back wall from physical comer to physical comer. Then measure from the comer to the right side where the base of the right finial is to be. Label each section of the bay rod as BLB = xx" for left side, BCB = xx" for center, and BRB = xx" for right side.

Bay windows rods also require us to know the relationship of the walls to one another. This relationship is known as the corner angle or angle of the bay. Placing a business card on each side of the comer and moving the cards toward the comer easily measure it. Hold the cards firmly together and trace the outline of the cards on a piece of paper. Congratulations! You have now copied the exact angle of the bay. Fax this to us and we will measure the angle and determine the degrees, or just give us the degrees if you prefer to measure. Most bay angles are approximately 135 degrees; however, we have seen angles ranging for 120 degrees to 160 degrees. Repeat this procedure for each comer in your bay and clearly label the angles on your order.

An option for any comer using the flexible wire coil is a precision miter cut of the rods in the comer to be at the same angle as you provide. By cutting the rods at the angle, the coil will be concealed by the rods and not seen. The rods will still flex as with the standard bay window rod to allow easy, and forgiving, installation. Please request Precision Miter and add $30 per corner extra for this service.See all items in this collection
Made to Order

Dimensions: Custom x 7/8" to 1-1/8" diameter (Depending on finial - Selections shown below)
Material: Metal
Finish: All drapery rods, brackets and rings have scratch resistant baked matte finish in black or brown or may be hand-finished in your choice of custom colors for an extra charge. - To see options please select view option tab.
Contains: Doe not include brackets. Please be sure to order them separately.
Ships: Ground Delivery
All drapery rods, brackets and rings have scratch resistant baked matte finish in black or brown or may be hand-finished in your choice of custom colors for an extra charge. Select the photo for more detailed information and enlarged views.

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All Finial styles are listed with their measurements, the material they are made from, the size rods they fit on and their price group (Click to view more detail)

Shipping in 7-14 Business Day's (Hand-Crafted in the USA)

This exciting line of drapery hardware, inspired by 18th and 19th century European ironworks, is hand crafted and hand finished to order. Drapery rings and brackets are normally in stock in black & brown and ship in 3-5 days. All other items are hand crafted and/or finished to order. RUSH delivery is available for an additional charge

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Custom Bay Window Rods
Custom Bay Window Rods - Inset