Bago Luma - Hand forged iron furniture and decor.

Exceptional style, unique designs and quality construction. Over scaled materials and rustic finishing methods employed by Bago Luma result in a very casual yet elegant product. For hand-forged iron furniture and accessories that truly blend design and function look to the iron artists at Bago Luma. Decidedly oversized, deliberately rustic, and distinctly elegant, their collections include furnishings for home and garden, as well as retail and commercial applications.

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Classic Multi Merchandiser
Regular: $2,410.00
Sale: $1,695.99
Classic Wine Rack
Regular: $695.00
Sale: $469.99
Concentric Iron Mantel
Regular: $3,995.00
Sale: $2,499.99
Four Way Merchandiser
Regular: $1,105.00
Sale: $895.99
Hand Made Rustic Pavilion
Regular: $4,200.00
Sale: $3,295.99
Square Extenders 24 inch
Regular: $20.00
Sale: $11.99
Square Extenders 8 inch
Regular: $10.00
Sale: $5.99

The term "wrought iron" is greatly abused in today's marketplace. Technically, it should only be applied to iron that has been shaped by a smith's hammer while it is extremely hot. Using a special coal made from Mesquite, our craftsmen create a very hot fire. Pieces of iron are held in the fire until they become virtually white hot. It is then placed on an anvil and hammered into shape, a process called "forging". True wrought iron can usually be distinguished by its sensuous patterns and curves, and marks of the hammer are frequently evident. Since wrought ironwork is forged by hand, small irregularities are apparent - and valued as evidence of the smith's craft.

We draw upon old European design motifs to adorn functional pieces that are created for today's lifestyles. Each bears the markings left by the primitive process of hand forging, and is offered in a variety of hand painted finishes. The combination of classic European design motifs, over scaled materials and rustic finishing methods results in a very casual yet elegant product.

Finishes :
Select from a variety of finishes, or create your own. Except for stone trivets and fireplace screens, you may select from any of our finishes. You will find that the natural rust finish is priced slightly lower than the painted finishes and continues to be a best seller. Should you prefer to custom paint your own, all pieces may be purchased "unfinished" for 10% less than the Natural Rust price.

All finishes are handcrafted, resulting in variations from one piece to another. These variations are a reflection of the unique character of any handcrafted piece. Due to the primitive nature of construction and finishing, and the diverse conditions with which our product is used, there is no guarantee against further oxidation (rust), and finishes can not be "matched" from one piece to the next.

We now have weather resistant finishes. Bago Luma has worked closely with Sherwin Williams to develop finishes that are suitable for use in an unprotected outdoor environment. Specifically designed to inhibit rust in areas with excessive moisture, these finishes offer powder-coat durability without sacrificing the charm that comes only with hand finished techniques. These finishes are not limited to outdoor use; and look great in any room of the house!

Natural stone is used for our clock faces, shelves and table tops. Select between creamy travertine and the more rustic copperstone. As with all natural stone, color variations are to be expected. All stone slabs are cut to our specifications, honed to a matte finish and then impregnated with a sealer for stain resistance.

Glass Finials:
Hand blown glass finials crown the tops of our pot racks and paper towel holders.

Glass Bowls:
Hand blown by craftsmen in Egypt, then fired in tiny ovens one at a time. The result is a beautiful vessel, somewhat organic in nature, with delightful irregularities.

Woven Iron:
Strips of iron are woven in a manner similar to rattan to form this handsome surface treatment. When finished in the natural rust finish, it resembles old, weathered leather. The woven metal also adapts well to the crackle finishes, often producing extra wide, jagged cracks in the painted surface.

Most of our products may be custom sized or slightly modified in design. Design elements can be deleted or added to our existing designs, but we can not fabricate pieces that differ greatly from our original designs. For example, you may add our wine rack to the interior of one of our cabinets, or remove the "fleur de lis" from our bedroom pavilion, but we can not create a piece that is not recognizable as a variation of one of our current pieces.

The pricing on custom pieces will vary according to labor and materials. One custom piece requires more time and risk than producing our regular inventoried item, regardless of size. Therefore, you should expect to pay about 20% above the cost for the original design, or the minimum custom charge of $50.00 (whichever is greater). Custom orders generally take 8 to 10 weeks before shipping, but this estimated time is governed by the volume of orders submitted before yours. All custom orders must be prepaid before work will commence, and sales are final.