Zinc Table Tops

Our Zinc is recycled from natural sources, melted, and rolled into sheets by hand. We then hand hammer the sheet to create the surface texture. The Zinc sheet is then applied to a wood core using small brads. You will notice that any Zinc top over 39 inches will have a row of brads holding multiple pieces. That is because Zinc is very difficult and dangerous to weld. When construction is complete, we use a special formula of agents to create the variation of color that gives the distinct contrast of color. The finished Zinc table tops are then waxed three times by hand, and buffed to a muted shine.

Keep waxing your zinc to build up layers of protection. It can be scratched and wax is the best defense to keep it looking new. We recommend Mother's Carnauba Cleaning Wax, or any other wax containing natural Carnauba, as it dries to a hard shine for maximum protection.

Zinc Table Top - Square
from 12-36"

Zinc Table Tops - Rectangular
from 14x60 to 72x42

Zinc Table Tops - Round
from 30-72"