The GG Collection - Gracious Goods for the Home

Imagine serving dinner or decorating your home with unforgettable pieces that feel like family heirlooms but offer the functionality of modern-day goods. The GG Collection, also known as Gracious Goods, provides the fine-quality dinnerware, serving accessories, flatware, beverage servers and countertop deécor for the kitchen and bath that create a high-class experience while making hosting a breeze.

Goods for the Home and Gracious Entertaining - By Function

(2018 - NEW) GG Collection
And to no one's surprise the 2018 GG Collection continues to dazzle!

GG Collection Bakeware
Under the assumption that baking tools should be strictly utilitarian? We have a game changer for you.
GG Collection Bath & Vanity Accessories
The GG Collection of Bath Accessories sets the tone for pampering.
GG Collection Beverageware & Servers
Simply put, this is how one becomes the impresario of entertaining events!
GG Collection Office Desk Accessories
GG Collection brings efficiency to the desk - Work made beautiful.
GG Collection Dinnerware
A well-dressed table never goes out of style.

GG Collection Flatware
All the necessary jewels for kitchen and table!

GG Collection Home Decor
Pleasant additions to the stellar selections that make up the GG Collection.
GG Collection Kitchen Canisters
A myriad of styles that transform dull containers into table worthy additions.

GG Collection Serving Pieces
You probably didn't even realize that you needed these things - You do!

Replacements for GG Collection
if you find yourself with a chipped lid or a shattered cake dome we may be able to help you.
X- (Retired Products)
Discontinued by the GG Collection - available only until the current stock is depleted.

The GG Collection was founded by two women who designed elegant, long-lasting kitchenware using innovative material pairings and inspiration found in Italian bistros. Gracious Goods Collection pieces are perfect for French Country, Old World and even contemporary spaces. If you love everything GG Collection, consider choosing it for your gift registry or selecting pieces for meaningful housewarming or wedding gifts.

All items in the Gracious Goods Collection are crafted from high-quality stoneware that's fired at extreme temperatures to create a resilient, chip-resistant base that's then glazed to create a timeless, hand-crafted look. GG Collection stoneware may be safely cleaned using the low energy/air cycle of your dishwasher. Bake ware is heat-resistant to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, although we don't recommend placing ceramics with metal decorations in the oven. Learn how to care for your GG Collection goods with the GG Collection Care Guide.

You can also shop via the GG Collection Catalog (PDF) at Iron Accents.

GG Collection - Goods for the Home and Gracious Living

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How the GG Collection Crafts Metal Mainstays

A table set with the GG Collection is eclectic, exquisite and impressive down to the last detail. Imagine hand-crafted, ceramic plates inspired by Tuscan bistros flanked by intricate, delicate burnished bronze flatware that has been crafted from artisan-quality metal. A four-arm, baroque-inspired epergne condiment server doubles as the table's centerpiece, while simple and sturdy metal serving bowls are passed from guest to guest. This is how it feels to eat and entertain with the GG Collection.

Here are some tips for hosting with GG pieces that are sure to impress:

For rustic table settings - Shop the Heritage Collection, which features an array of serving trays, candle holders and more made with fine metal accents, and let your presentation tell a story. These pieces are made to help outfit a dining table without diverting from the focal point - the food!

For outdoor dining - Create a dramatic patio table centerpiece with the GG Collection's Cast Stone Floor Candlesticks, which are large enough to make a statement on the front steps or the hearth, but bring even more drama when placed at the center of an outdoor table.

For special-occasion dinners - Emulate a black-tie ambiance when you serve with the exquisite Baroque Collection. Use the line's sweet Mini Message Boards to make your guests a custom place setting and then serve dessert from the gorgeous three-tiered server.