Heirloom Quality Firescreens and Tools

Heirloom quality pieces crafted by traditional means for the contemporary lifestyle.

After years of apprenticeship, our master smiths from Europe and the United States utilize the same time-honored techniques employed by their forefathers. The rugged construction and durable finishes of these pieces will withstand use indoors and outdoors, for you and your children to cherish.

Hand Forged

The blacksmith must first heat the metal to a sufficient degree to make it pliable. He can only work the iron in a succession of short periods, since heat quickly dissipates when the iron is withdrawn from the firs and transferred to the anvil. Thus, each successive blow must be planned and based on knowledge and experience garnished after years of apprenticeship under a master smith. All of our pieces are made by this traditional hammer-and-anvil method.

Over the centuries, blacksmiths have evolved their craft from functional ironmongery - such as making hinged and locks - to creating highly ornamental and decorative works. From mere craftsmen they have become fine artists/sculptors, working under exacting conditions to shape iron into aesthetically pleasing and functional forms.

Known for its durability, wrought iron continues to be revered for its ability to portray both strength and grace of form - even when shaped into an intricate leaf, flower or tendril - to which each of our pieces can testify.