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A line of quality utensils, cutlery, gadgets and tools

Metal artisans committed to the environment; all of our metal, glass and wood is recycled, repurposed or sustainably harvested, as well as meticulously handcrafted. We believe that you'll find their individuality is part of the allure of hand crafted work.

(C) Cork Cheese Knives (Set-3)
Regular: $36.00
Sale: $22.00
(C) Scrolled 9-Bottle Wine Rack
Regular: $120.00
Sale: $84.00
(CS) Condiment / Relish Bowls (Set)

Regular: $56.00
Sale: $46.00
(CS) Twig Flatware (5-Piece Set)

Regular: $29.00
Sale: $26.00

(44) Metal Artisans
(44) Metal Artisans - Inset