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Rustic and Magical - Rugged and Romantic

Inscribed with inspirational messages meant to encourage, enlighten and endear, this handcrafted line of mixed material jewelry from Island Cowgirl provide expressions of care and understanding in non-verbal form. Pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings - designed in a slightly hardy, lost wax style - invoke strength, self reliance and sincerity. Compassionate reminders of support, empathy and hope. Sterling silver, leather, suede and semi precious stones supply the foundation of each piece. Get one, give one.

(C) Baby Bird Earrings
Regular: $30.00
Sale: $22.00
(C) Circle of Life Earrings
Regular: $48.00
Sale: $34.00

(88) Island Cowgirl
(88) Island Cowgirl - Inset