Drapery Accent Accessories

To create even more fabulous looks, use the accessory items below in combination with the Accents pieces.

Order the Accents with the Wall Mount Bracket system (W2, W4, or W6), and use the included clip to attach a mustache hanger, an oversize ring, or a flexible wire-form rod.

  • The mustache hanger creates a twin hanger from a single Accent wall mount bracket.
  • The oversize rings are available in 3" or 4" sizes. The eyelet on the ring allows a drapery pin to be used for a pinch pleat drapery hanger.
  • The flexible wire- form rod is clipped into the Accent bracket hidden clip, and the rod may be easily flexed and shaped as needed. It can be used straight, or curved over an arch window or around the corner of a bay window. Due to the free- form shape and returns, order approximately 33% more length than finished width.