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Amore Drapery Rods

Distinctive drapery hardware can transform a window into a work of art. In fact, it is not uncommon to see decorative drapery rods and accent pieces as the focal point of the window, and in some cases, of the entire room. Our collection is cast and welded in metals of recycled iron and aluminum from timeless patterns derived from 18th and 19th century European ironworks. Each piece is hand-finished in a wonderful color selection to coordinate with today's décor.

Adjustable Rods

Will telescope, a feature convenient to many homeowners and decorators as size adjustments can easily be made. Adjustable rods are sold as complete sets for your convenience. Each set includes two finials, adjustable rods, standard brackets and screws. For your further easy handling, most finials are welded to the telescoping, heavy gauge rods. Any size rod will ship by regular UPS, as the rod may be more easily shipped and handled in interconnecting sections. When installed, there will be minor visible seams where the rod sections meet. For adjustable rods, the seams will fall at 45", 81", and 117" from the finial. The "Lip" will be located at 27" for small rods, 45" for medium rods, 81" for large rods and 117" for extra-large rods. The "lip" is where the last section of the rod fits into the other section of the rod, allowing the rod to telescope to the size needed.

Swing Arm Rods

Are designed to cover French doors and other areas where a full curtain rod is not necessary. They "swing" out to allow you to move your curtains out of the window view.

Create a custom swing arm drapery rod
1) Order a custom sized single finial rod - You specify the exact length, up to 40" without finial.
2) Order a swing arm bracket to fit the diameter of your rod. swing-arm-brackets

More Information

  • Add height to a room by installing drapery hardware above the window frame, or even up along the ceiling line
  • The longer fabric panels will add a tall line to the rooms
  • Use a double rod to accommodate a layer of sheers and over drapes, or drapes and a valance
  • Choose sturdy larger diameter rods for heavy draperies
  • Sheer panels and lighter silks will look more appropriate on thinner lighter rods
  • Reserve heavy cornices and finials for larger rooms with high ceilings
  • Keep the scale lighter for smaller spaces with low ceilings
  • The value of beautiful curtain rods and finials in decorating a room is equal to that of the curtains