Wrought Iron Architectural Elements

There are dozens of ways to add our hand forged iron sections to your construction project by combining and adapting the pieces. Their addition will prove to be both a visual enhancement and to add a rustic charm to your design project. Decorative ironwork and trim can brings a new element of structural surprise to an otherwise mundane setting.

  • Grilles and guards can be used to adorn niches, windows, and doors, or as the central design element in a railing.

  • Several styles can be used over a bed to create the illusion of a headboard.

  • Problem walls can be easily and inexpensively indulged with a collection of these architectural accents.

  • Existing wood furniture with paneled recesses can benefit from the application of decorative ironwork and trim.

  • Complete your rooms the look by integrating our over scaled spindles to create your railing down the stairs and along the walk.