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Ceiling Mount Brackets

Ceiling mounted drapery brackets are idea for windows that are close to the ceiling or in a tight spaces such as with a dormer window. Ceiling mount drapery brackets can also be used to hang a curtain panel as a room divider, over a closet, in a doorway or anywhere else in your room.

Measure tip: To determine the recommended/guideline number of brackets just divide the length of each wall area by 45", always round up and add 1. For example, a 120" window would be 120/45, or 2.66, which would be 3. Then add 1 for a total of 4 brackets. For light fabrics or valances, of course, you may use fewer brackets, but generally do not span more than 82" without a center support. For heavy fabrics, use our heavy-duty brackets with the guideline number of brackets. Using the guideline number of brackets also hides all rod seams.

Ceiling Mount Drapery Brackets
Ceiling Mount Drapery Brackets - Inset