Decorative Garden Faucets / Hose Bibbs with Style!

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Now here is an idea whose time has come! Shake off that standard and unattractive spigot body and handle and replace it with a decorative garden faucet made of solid brass right here in the USA! Adorable birds, butterflies, frogs, turtles and more adorn the decorative hose bibbs and each is permanently attached with a stainless steel pin. With tough threading on both ends of the decorative hose bibb you'll find the best connection with both the water line and the hose itself.

Our decorative garden faucets are engineered to the highest possible standards using materials that are unlikely to have been chosen for a basic bibb and faucet. Metals like copper are customary as they provide long term corrosion resistance, and each decorative garden faucet is finished in a gorgeous polished Verdigris patina for an awesome stand-out shine. Yes, your typical hose can be an outdoor star with the inclusion of a decorative garden faucet.

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When decorating your yard and garden attention to details can make all the difference. Our garden faucets are not just decorative, they're top quality faucets made in the USA.