Decorative Garden Hose Guides

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Damage to plants can be an on-going problem when dragging a garden hose from bed to bed. We've found an amusing and spot on way to alleviate the dreaded plant pile-up. Decorative garden hose guides are moveable critters on posts that you can insert into the soil at appropriate corners and turns. Run the hose around these clever decorative garden hose guides to water where needed without demolishing new installations or kicking up bedding material.

Crafted of aluminum and standing as much as nineteen inches tall from spike to tip, these sweet and often hilarious designs might even improve your mood as you plow through your garden chores. Don't spend any more time replacing or removing battered bushes or flattened flowers. You have a new lawn care colleague to lean on - decorative garden hose guides.

Protect your flower beds and plants from garden hose damage during watering season. Our beautiful hose guides and hose stakes are a unique and beautiful way to both protect your plant life and decorate your landscape.

You've probably broken a few plants by dragging the hose through the garden. And after spending a good deal of time and money adding plants into your landscapes, it's a shame to beat them up by dragging a hose over them.

Installing hose guides eliminate this problem. To install hose guides, first locate all the appropriate corners and the spots in the curve of your garden beds where the hose is most likely to jump the border and flatten plants. Push the hose guide into the soil until they are secure and only sticking up about 6 inches. When watering, be sure to run the hose through or around the guides and the plants in your garden will be safe from hose damage.