Decorative Metal Hose Holders

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What's not to like? Convenient wall mounting, elegant designs that practically disguise what it's holding and they protect and preserve the contents. Of course, we are talking about a decorative hose holder. Rather than twining the ever present hose into a pile on the ground, a decorative hose holder smartly allows the hose to drain while eliminating kinks. And the yard and garden are considerably tidier with hose holders in place.

Our decorative hose holders are available in wrought iron and rust free aluminum, and many of the designs encourage you to choose a finish that works well with your existing furniture or outdoor decor. Fanciful and filigreed or artful and architectural, each decorative hose holder puts some pizzazz on the patio and glamour near the garage.

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Quick View

Looking for an attractive means of disguising an unsightly hose? Our hose holders add a decorative accent to your home while also preventing damage to your garden hoses. Also called hose hangers, hose holders are a great way to keep hoses neatly rolled up.