When Life Gives You Lemons

Unshakeable optimism is part of America’s DNA. And in times of uncertainty, we look for a positive slice of life. As long as we’re sharing the spirit of sheltering at home, why not make it a confident and comforting place with an item or two from this carefully chosen and optimistically curated collection of sunny and citrusy finds?

From lemon verbena aromatic candles in snug little willow baskets to cheerful yellow metal stools to the ultimate front yard lemonade stand, each item provides a good natured and lighthearted splash of we-can-weather-this whimsy!  

And the embossed metal sign or spoon gift set just might be the ideal way to thank that neighboring medical professional, hard-working postal worker or always available dog walker or babysitter. Stay safe. Stay supportive. Stay strong.

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