Wrought Iron Hooks & Hangers

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With our outstanding array of both functional and decorative hooks and hangers, you can create a stylish and sensible place to hang all of your valued possessions, including coats, hanging pots, keys, leashes, purses, kitchen utensils and more.

Wrought iron hooks and hangers allow you to easily hoist hanging planters, pot racks and other hanging home decor items securely. Casual yet elegant, these hangers are also finished to your liking so that you can create a lovely hanging display that matches your home's hardware or color scheme. Choose from decorative, rustic hooks that have been forged to look like tree branches or select elegant, scrolled or twisted hooks for a more upscale look.

Extend hooks and other hanging mechanisms with functional and decorative extenders. As part of our expansive selection of sensible wrought iron hardware, these hardware extenders are perfect for everything from suspending pot racks in the kitchen to creating an elegant hanging plant display in the sun room or on the porch.