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Crystal Sprays and Branches

Use these beautiful crystal branches and sprays in your flower arrangements or plants for added sparkle, flair and dimension. Available in a variety of colors and styles, each flexible crystal stem can be shaped as desired. Whether displayed alone or in addition to our lighted branches or floral lights, shimmering crystals will instantly transform your floral displays from simple to simply extraordinary!

Style Points:

For added flair, dimension and sparkle, use beautiful crystal sprays in your flower arrangements or plants. The crystals are available in a variety of styles and colors and add a beautiful shimmer of color whether your lights are on or off.

Add the finishing touch to your bridal bouquet with crystal sprays. They give a sparkle of elegance to any floral bouquet.

Elegant crystal picks and sprays make the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. Use them to embellish trees, wreaths, centerpieces, or anywhere that needs an extra touch of Christmas spirit and sparkle. They also make a great finisher for a beautifully wrapped present.

Beaded crystal branches are absolutely perfect for wedding centerpieces, for an elaborate display at the cake table or entrance to the Wedding Reception. Crystal beaded spray branches are elegant accents to any wedding or special event centerpiece.

Crystal sprays offer an idea way to create a tall and spectacular display for your reception, party or holiday display, while adding that perfect unusual touch to your flower arrangement or centerpiece.

Flexible stems allow crystal sprays to be intertwined into a variety of decorations and displays. Wrap them around candle holders, weave them in your holiday wreaths, drape them from your Christmas trees, include them in your mantle décor.

Crystal Sprays
Crystal Sprays - Inset