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Wrought Iron Bar Stools

Ever noticed that movie-version vintage Western saloons never had bar stools? Nope. Patrons simply bellied up to the long expanse of polished wood, doffed their dusty hats and ordered whiskey by the shot glass. Guess those seats would have been a real hindrance if the cowboy had to commence to shootin’.

Fortunately we live in a more civilized era. We wouldn't mix firearms with fire water and we wouldn't dream of asking our guests to stand while enjoying a beverage. With our comprehensive selection of wrought iron bar stools your counter or bar can be outfitted to seat a passel of people and mesh with the personality of your room. Styles range from old-school to industrial, retro Modern to Mediterranean, basic to bistro and one that will bring to mind a slinky in stop motion. The Stone County Ironworks line allows you to customize the height, finish and seat fabric while Bago Luma offers plush, muslin-covered padding, multiple foot rests and the convenience of a swivel mechanism. Thank the blacksmith's of yore for the hand-forged, laser cut seat back designs also featured.

Choose from standard bar and counter heights or take a look at the playful adjustable varieties. Your call on the decision to go armless or armed since you're the sheriff in this story, but we recommend that you review the helpful Wrought Iron Bar Stool Guide prior to rustling up your posse of choice. The guide gives the lowdown on seating solutions, leg room and table dimensions so that your next gathering doesn't resemble a cattle drive.

Please be seated!

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