Our Designers Picks by Style

We know. We've all been there. Devouring decorating magazines for inspiration, ripping out random pages that feature a chair or lamp we'd love to own. Standing paralyzed in the paint aisle trying to gather the courage to choose a chip. Sometimes it helps just to have a bit of help.

Introducing Iron Accents Designers Picks By Style! Our how-to-pull-it-all-together section features the color, accessory and furniture elements of current style trends - from Coastal to Contemporary - and our designer's special selection of pieces that define the approach to it. Place settings, sconces, chairs, accent tables, towel bars - visual examples that bring to life the décor you imagined!

But, we just couldn't stop. We also link you to our Pinterest Page for even more ideas and shared style adaptations. Tried and true techniques tailored to find the look and fit that flatters!

Iron Accents Designers Picks By Style. Your guide to getting there.


Inspired by centuries of tradition, Asian can be bold and highly ornamented or minimal with clean lines.


Warm climates and tropical destinations dominate this decorating style.


This Atlantic seaboard style features nautical hues and beautifully worn and weathered décor.


Modern, clean, angular and sometimes sparing in shape or material. Embraces new designs.


Evolved from the casual and comfortable feeling of a small lakeside or wooded cabin.


A mixed use of furniture and decor styles and periods joined by a similar color palette.

Favorites from "Fixer Upper"
Their farmhouse flair and savvy use of found and recycled materials inspired us to create a section in homage!
French Country

Think Provence and its landscape of sunflowers and lavender. A blend of old world charm.

Get Galvanized
Shop the metal of the moment. Durable - Versatile. Great indoors or out!


Often an unfinished look utilizing raw and rough surfaces such as exposed brick, wood and steel.

Lake House

Create a serene oasis, blending carefree comfort with the beauty of nature all around.


Has a more massive masculine look using a lot of natural elements. Leather seating, wood…

Modern Farmhouse

Mixes painted pieces with primitive, leather with upholstery and tosses in accessories of wire, iron…


Drawn from the design of Mexico and Spain this style mixes the muted, earthier tones with a bold accents.


This style joins both traditional and contemporary design for a classic, sophisticated look.


The old world look of Italian villas and farmhouses with rough plaster, wrought iron, wood beams…

What sets Iron Accents' pieces apart from the rest is that each one has been meticulously hand-crafted by a skilled, visionary artist or blacksmith. You'll find true-to-you iron and metal furniture, including the perfect industrial stool or metal bed, that has been forged using age-old blacksmithing techniques. You'll also find a broad array of artful home décor pieces, such as nautical wall art and functional-yet-exquisite lamps and light fixtures, in this selection. We know that your design vision is specific, so we want to make sure you have a great variety of pieces that will help tie it all together.

Your home décor vision plus our huge selection of décor by style equals a match made in heaven. Iron Accents' Designer Picks categorizes our enormous selection of delightful home goods, wrought iron furniture, unique wall art, high-taste lighting and cream-of-the-crop kitchen goods by style and theme. Shop Asian home décor, eclectic home décor, coastal/beach home décor, contemporary home décor, French country home décor and more in Iron Accents' Designer Picks. We've got a carefully curated collection of pieces for every design inclination - from the industrial and authoritative to the elegant and ornate.