Extend hooks and other hanging mechanisms with these functional and decorative extenders. As part of our expansive selection of sensible wrought iron hardware, these hardware extenders are perfect for everything from suspending pot racks in the kitchen to creating an elegant hanging plant display in the sunroom or on the porch. We have Bago Luma and Stone County Ironworks extenders to ensure the highest possible quality, longevity and design.

Hollow Extender Hooks
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Sassafras Extenders
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Solid Extender Hooks
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Square Extenders 24 inch
Regular: $20.00
Sale: $11.99
Square Extenders 8 inch
Regular: $10.00
Sale: $5.99
Twisted Iron Extenders
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Wrought Iron Chain
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We have a great variety of both simple, clean extenders as well as highly decorative extenders for hanging all of your suspended plants, hanging home accents, birdcages, pot racks or anything else that's meant to be hung from the ceiling or overhang. These unique styles add an extra layer of detailing to any environment while still ensuring that your room is functional to the highest possible degree. Each extender is available in a wide variety of gorgeous finishes to help tailor it to your specific home de´cor.