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Garden Faucets

When decorating your yard and garden attention to details can make all the difference. Our garden faucets are not just decorative, they're top quality faucets made in the USA.

Faucet Information:
  • Animal-handles are made of solid brass and are permanently attached to the hose bibb with a solid brass pin.
  • Hose bibbs are made of brass that contains 82% copper. The high copper content of the hose bibbs provide long-term corrosion resistance.
  • The wall of the hose bibb is thick and strong to eliminate pin-hole leaks.
  • The threads on both ends of the hose bibb are "full", providing the best possible engagement both to the water line and the garden hose.
  • A Nylon sealing gasket ring assures a complete seal at the top of each hose bibb.
  • Hose bibbs have a heavy, think "seat" into which the stem of the hose bibb must sit perfectly when closed.
  • The stem is made with special tooling that prevents any taper from top to bottom.
  • The small black gland in the packing nut (a very important part of every faucet) is made of a specialized graphite and cotton material with a genuine rubber binder. The brass stem is machined so the packing sits like a shallow cone making the shut-off seal tight and secure.
  • The stem seat washer is made of special SBR material, the same material used to make tires. This material provides the highest rating against abrasion and water swelling.
  • The seat washer screw is made of 100% stainless steel.
  • Each decorative faucet is finished in a beautiful Polished Verdigris patina. Selected details of every "animal handle" are carefully polished to a mirror finish that contrasts beautifully with the darker background.

Garden Faucets
Garden Faucets - Inset