Fireplace Mantels

Bold, brave and decidedly not builder grade! Introducing our new line of wrought iron fireplace mantles in architecturally avant-garde designs that wrap the firebox and face both horizontally and vertically. Unlike typical new-age single slab schemes, we gave our mantles "legs" for a more confident and complete aesthetic appeal. Ornamental, but more engaging to look at even when no fire is blazing.

Current motifs include Scroll and Concentric wrought iron patterns with flat or woven metal backings or choose the bling concept that incorporates mirror as a backdrop. Available in standard as well as unconventional sizes, each mantle arrives at your door in as little as three weeks (depending on backlog) in easy to handle and assemble pieces. Need something even more conceptual? Just ask us what we can do.

Coppery iron mantles conceived to capture attention. Sleek, stylized frames for the flames.

Concentric Iron Mantel
Regular: $3,995.00
Sale: $2,499.99