Garden Ornaments & Statues

So much to look at! We've got gnomes seeking homes, a pink flamingo chorus line, standing frogs, stylized herons, fairies, snails and toucan tales. We have a wide assortment of frogs doing everything from fishing to dancing to reptilian yoga. Rabbits that run, cats that crouch, butterflies ready for departure. Our garden statues feature entire deer families, barnyard friends, cranes preening and fairies dreaming. There is a garden ornament for pathways, pools, patios, railings, decks and table tops. Many are rustic and reclaimed while still other garden statues are refined.

They won't make your garden grow but they will make it glow! Insert some humor, hijinks and highlights by interweaving some of our best ever garden ornaments into your landscape. The mean old alligator would make a splendid gift for a University of Florida fan!