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GG Collection Kitchen Canisters

Long a staple on working kitchen counters, these day-to-day storage and spice holders generally suffered from lackluster design. Until now. A myriad of styles, colors and shapes have transformed the formerly dull containers into table worthy additions. Bring on the lidded sugar bowl with scoop! Fill the stacking mercury glass jars with international salts! Or just be delighted with the way the Barcelona set enlivens your cook's corner.

Acanthus Canisters
- The GG Collection

Acanthus Style Canisters (Set-3)
- The GG Collection

Ceramic Canister Set
- The GG Collection

Faith, Hope & Love Spice Jars
- The GG Collection

Glass Canisters -Bronze
- The GG Collection

Provencal Canister Set
- The GG Collection

Provencal Canisters
- The GG Collection

Spice Cellar
- The GG Collection