Wrought Iron Lighting Guidelines...

  • Pendants work best with high ceilings and should be placed out of the way a little above eye level.
  • Odd numbers are best for a series of lights.
  • Hang sconces about 6.5 feet high on the wall, where they can be enjoyed visually, but not touched.
  • Swing arm lights by the bed or reading chair are flexible and great in tight spaces where there is no room for a table.
  • LED lighting can be used to highlight artwork or create a colored light path on the floor or stairs.
  • Under cabinet lights in the kitchen offer an efficient answer to the need for task lighting.
  • Dimmers are a great way to create mood or lower the lights for a media room.
  • If a room seems too narrow, washing one wall with light will visually expand it.
  • Lighting up the ceiling helps to make a small room look larger and to create a more intimate feeling in a larger room keep the lighting lower and the ceiling darker
  • To avoid shadows, place bathroom mirror lights on the side rather than overhead.

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