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Iron Chairs
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Take your seat in style with custom-created wrought iron chairs.

Wrought iron, used for furniture since the oldest of times, has once again, come front and center in today's homes as homeowners and designers reacquaint themselves with this versatile material. And small wonder why - the traditional beauty of finely wrought iron combined with the artistry of the blacksmith comes together to create looks that are classic, charming and extremely durable. In fact irons long lasting and low maintenance qualities make it the perfect material for constructing unique seating for your home.

Some of the benefits of iron seating are:

  • Design - Iron chairs are available in designs that are suitable for modern as well as antique and old-world décors.
  • Strength - Iron chairs come in sturdy and elegant designs and are considered as a solid furnishing investment.
  • Durability - Iron chairs are practically indestructible. Furniture made out of wrought iron can hold extreme weight and size without being even slightly damaged.
  • Style - Hand-crafted, uniquely designed and available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes, iron chairs can enhance any setting.

Whether you are designing for a commercial or home setting, it is especially important to have seating that complements the décor and reflects the character of each space. Therefore, for your convenience, we have compiled some basic industry information that should help to answer any questions you may have, and aid you in finding the iron chairs that will be most appropriate for your needs.

In the past, social prominence determined what piece of furniture you sat upon in a sort of seating hierarchy. A stool was better than sitting on the floor, but a side chair had a back on it and was much more comfortable. The highest ranking in the room would sit in an arm chair since this type of chair had the comfort of both back and arm supports. This hierarchy continued in the design of the formal dining room where arm chairs are placed at each end of the table for the host and hostess, while side chairs were provided for the guests.

Now days, an arm chair is really a matter of personal preference. Arm chairs offer traditional classic elegance and are ideal when you want to create an atmosphere of reserved elegance. An arm chair also provides added comfort over conventional side chairs. Armed dining chairs can also be more convenient for the elderly, as they can use the arms to aid in raising or lowering themselves in the chair. These durable, wrought iron chairs also work with many styles of dining tables. Just be sure that if you decide on an armed dining chair, that the arms of the chairs are low enough to slide beneath the table without bumping into it.

When someone mentions café chairs the picture that often comes to mind is of a quaint outdoor bistro. This style iron chair is a stable of outdoor eating establishments as café chairs are designed a bit smaller in scale in order to take up a less space while still offering style and comfort. Iron café chairs are a very popular choice for casual dining furniture due to their unique combination of styling and durability.

Iron dining chairs are a perfect choice for those who are looking for unique hand-crafted designs. Both comfortable and durable iron chairs combine quality craftsmanship with function and flair. And the traditional elegance of wrought iron, for which it is famous, will add extended value because the furniture will never go out of fashion. Available in an enormous variety of styles, finishes and fabrics, you are sure to find an iron dining chair to complement your own personal taste.

Intended for use as the occasion requires: thus an occasional chair. Next to a desk in the office, beside an iron console table in the entry or paired in front of a roaring fire, an occasional or accents chair can be a welcome seat within any room in your home.

An investment in your home that can easily pay for itself many times over in terms of fun and functionality, outdoor patio furniture can transform backyard, patio or porch into an outdoor entertaining space. Selecting iron chairs for your patio ensures maximum durability and a lifetime of low-maintenance enjoyment.

Many people prefer side chairs over arm chairs for the freedom of movement they offer. A traditional setting usually pairs side chairs with armchairs at larger dining tables.

Whether you are planning a new space or updating an existing one, we have a great selection of iron chairs designed specifically to be both hard-wearing and decorative.

Bring Elegance and Functionality to Your Dining Room with High Quality Iron Dining Chairs

[Posted on October 12]

With the dining room being one of the most important rooms of the home, you should definitely not neglect its look, and with Iron Accents, you’ll be able to find beautiful and high quality iron dining chairs which will be able to enhance the look of your dining room, and will surely prompt very positive responses from each and every dinner guest. These original chairs are durable, elegant, and make the perfect dining room addition.

Iron Accents is very proud to feature beautifully-designed iron dining chairs which will surely improve the décor of your dining room and home. These chairs feature a range of benefits, and aside from being extremely elegant and simply beautiful to look at, these dining chairs offer a great deal of function. Iron is a durable material, and so you will be able to worry less about these chairs breaking in the future, and with Iron Accents, you will be able to customize your chair so that it fits the unique style of your home or dining room décor perfectly. From choosing specific premium fabrics to settling on gorgeous finishes, your chair or chair set will be absolutely perfect with Iron Accents.

Before choosing the type of finishes or fabrics for your chair, you will need to select a specific style, and at Iron Accents, you will be able to choose from a large range of exquisite iron dining chairs, each offering its own unique advantages. If you are a coffee lover, then you should seriously consider the Espresso dining chair, which is available on a stationary or swivel base. For those wanting nothing but elegance, then the Gabriella Manor chair will fit the bill perfectly; this absolutely lovely chair is available in various finishes including antique black and moss green. Another excellent style currently available at Iron Accents is the Branches chair, a very rustic and natural-looking chair which might make the perfect addition this autumn or winter season.

Take some time to browse through all the unique and high quality iron dining chairs currently being featured at Iron Accents. All of the elegant chairs currently available are durable, high quality, and will bring a lot of elegance and beauty to your dining room. Feel free to browse through the entire collection on our website, and if you have any questions about a particular chair or other high quality items on our website, then don’t hesitate to contact Iron Accents directly.

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