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Iron Console Table

Iron Console Table
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Iron Console Tables
Sometimes you just need something a little extra to complete a room. Something that will fill that unused corner of the living room, accent the area behind your new leather sectional, or grace the empty wall in your entry. Why not consider an iron console table.

A console table, by definition, is a table supported by decorative consoles or sculptured legs that is fixed to a wall or designed to be set against a wall. Console tables are versatile pieces of home furnishing that are available in different shapes and styles and have many uses. They are often referred to as side tables and from them many other variations such as sofa table, entry table, hall table and sideboard table have developed.

An iron console table can be used in just about any room of the house but as each is designed with a specific purpose in mind it is important to get a table that will fit your needs. The right type of console table can add a lot to a room in the way of beauty, function and character.

  • Living Room - When you think of an iron table for the living room what probably comes to mind first is a wrought iron coffee table. But a variation of the console table often used in living rooms is the sofa table. A sofa table is normally a long, thin, tall occasional table placed against the back of a sofa. As a sofa table, the console table is generally topped with lighting, greenery, candles, or a few tall accessories to add height to an area, showcase small artifacts and statuettes or to create a visual division between spaces.

  • Entry Way - Many people use a console table in their entryway, not only to add style and interest, but also for functional purposes. When a console table is used in this way it is often referred to as an Entry Table. An iron console table in the entry is perfect for setting down mail, keys, a handbag, and other small items as you walk through the door. It can also be used to place things near the door that you want to take along with you, so you won't forget them. Many people also place a mirror above a console table to check their appearance as they leave and to allow guests the opportunity to check theirs as they arrive.

  • Hall Way - A console table may be used as an accent table to hold a small lamp in areas that need additional lighting, such as hallways. As with entryways many people use console tables in a hallway for decoration as well as function. An iron console table in a demilune, or half-oval shape, is ideal for a hallway. As with entry tables a hall table is is a great place to hang a beautiful mirror, artwork or perhaps a piece of metal wall art over.

  • Bedroom - A console table with mirror is a common staple in the bedroom. But a console table can also make a perfect built-in vanity or small desk. And when used creatively an iron console table can also work as an entertainment center or a coffee bar.

  • Dining Room - Aside from the many uses mentioned above, an iron console table can also be used in the dining room as a sideboard or serving table. A sideboard is a table placed against the wall that is designed to store dishes, glass, silverware, and table linens. It is okay to confuse sideboards with buffets and credenzas as their use has a very similar intent. Another favorite for the dining room is the console table that also houses a wine rack.

  • Covered Porch - An iron console table can also be useful on an enclosed porch and can act as a serving station for coffee and other beverages.

  • Type TableHeight LengthWidth/Depth
    Console Table27" - 29"48" - 54"16" - 18"
    Sofa Table26" - 27"60"14" - 17"
    Hallway / Entry34" - 36"36" - 72"16" - 20"
    Sideboard Table34" - 38"60"24"

    No matter what your desired look, a wrought iron console table will add elegance and sophistication to almost any room in your home.

    Take a moment to view the wrought iron console tables we have available from manufacturers such as Stone County Ironworks, Lamani and Bago Luma Collections.

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    Fill Interior Space Purposefully with an Elegant Iron Console Table

    [Posted on November 2]

    With winter approaching, it is certainly a great time to start thinking about enhancing the inside of your home, and what better way to get started than with an elegant iron console table! Console tables are known for their extreme versatility, and with one of these beautiful iron tables from Iron Accents, you will be able to fill your interior space purposefully and add a great deal of style to your home!

    There are many benefits to having an iron console table grace the interior of your home. First of all, these tables are extremely versatile and can add a high degree of functionality in a variety of rooms in the home. Console tables are meant to be placed alongside the wall; however, you can feel free to be as creative as you want with these high quality tables. Whether used in the hallway, entryway, living room, dining room, or bed room, console tables can have a great deal of usefulness throughout the home. However, this is just one benefit. While browsing through these tables on our website, you are sure to be impressed with just how beautiful these tables really are. Functionality may be one great benefit, but when coupled with absolute beauty, these tables suddenly become an excellent idea for the home. Needless to say, these exquisite tables will be sure to add elegance and beauty to any home interior.

    Iron Accents is proud to carry a large selection of iron console tables, and with such a great selection, you will be sure to find at least one table which will fit in with your unique personality or home décor perfectly. If you don’t know where to get started, then begin with the Bristol console table; this wonderful piece exudes pure elegance, and it also happens to be on sale! For something a little more rustic, take a look at the Branches table; this simple, yet beautiful table can make a perfect choice for this upcoming winter season. If you are interested in something with a European appeal, then try the stunning Mediterranean iron console table.

    Pick up your elegant iron console table at Iron Accents today! Ordering is simple, and if you have any questions about any of the tables you see on our website, then don’t hesitate to call or email Iron Accents directly. When you are finished shopping for a high quality console table, be sure to take a look at our other collections of exquisite wrought iron items.

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