Light up the night with a warm glow of flames.

Stop thinking Paul Revere and ship captains. Our laidback lanterns sit tight where you put them, offer open and prismatic light, are stylistically simpatico with any setting and wink at most wind. We've got them on hangers, stakes and poles; some "carry a torch" for entertaining after dark. We suppose you could use them on your Pirates of the Caribbean vessel - or signal the neighbors from your backyard bell tower.

Make a stunning center piece to a dining table. Lanterns are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere, or as a backdrop illuminating the night for a family get together. A romantic, exotic ambience is easy to achieve - just pair one or more of these wonderful lanterns with vibrant table linens, flowers and candles, and some great dinnerware. Ideal individually on small tables, or in groups on large tabletops, a wrought iron lantern burner will complete the look.