Ideas for Lighted Branches

An illuminating idea with a host of decorative and design possibilities, lighted branches and florals offer the ambient attraction that, once, only candles possessed. We like to think of it as more sizzle without the smoke! Tiny star lights on graceful branches can be shaped to fit any vessel, add height and substance to existing arrangements, create a dramatic dinner table tableau or change a mantel from flat to fabulous in minutes.

Lighted branches and florals come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to create glowing arrangements, centerpieces, wreaths and more.

Create flower arrangements for your home, wedding or holiday event. Not only do lighted florals add great lighting affects at night, but they also are a true floral decoration during the day. A perfect way to create a beautiful, lighting accent in any room in your home ~ even the covered patio or sunroom.

Spring Lighted Floral Arrangements
Combine Spring flowers with lighted branches for a touch of whimsy.
Everyday Lighted Floral Arrangements
Create glistening visions of color and elegance for every room of your home.
Wedding Lighted Floral Arrangements
Flowers are a key part of creating wedding memories that will last forever.
Fall Lighted Floral Arrangements
Your Fall decor will come to life with special harvest-time arrangements.
Christmas Lighted Floral Arrangements
Give your Christmas holiday decorations that extra special sparkle and glow.

Lighted Branches and Florals

Form and function take on a new meaning as the distinctive branch, floral, garland and light string designs inspire festive wedding and special event centerpieces, re-tool time honored holiday traditions and turn backyards into glittering ballrooms. Limited only by your imagination, the curve and twist character of the pieces can embellish a doorway, a candelabra, and the shoulders of a chair. A simple, yet stunning combination of lighted florals and live plants becomes a wow factor night light in a guest bath. Walkways, garden paths, window boxes, porch ceilings and deck railings can sparkle like a county fair midway. There are even submersible versions that put glam in the goldfish bowl.

Available in an array of colors - amber, white, clear, a hint of hydrangea blue - and shapes, the affordable, portable stems deliver via battery pack where cords just won't do…a genius convenience under gossamer fabric on a cake table or in a bridal bouquet. But you can plug and un-plug to give an ethereal glow to the often overlooked potted palm in the corner of the living room, as well. They pair superbly with crystal sprays and feathers, your own silk or dried flowers and artificial greenery massed in baskets, for example. It should go without saying that these beauties are made for those red letter days on the calendar. Picture a chandelier or pot rack adorned with greenery and lighted branches at Christmas, add bling to your bunting on the Fourth of July, bejewel your anniversary charger plates or energize your Halloween cauldron with a little orange tipped black glitz. These are adornments you should have on hand no matter what the occasion - they are fun, flirtatious and fabulous performers.

But don't think of these little luminaries as mere additions to arrangementsthey are fun,A creative mind could easily conjure up a fairy tale forest on a little girl's canopy bed, enliven a convention or corporate meeting room with Oscar-worthy style or put a whole new spin on retail merchandising shelves and case goods. Limitless, effortless and budget-savvy - every day to holiday, decorating dilemma solved!

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