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Metal Wall Art
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Your walls do talk - through the art they display, and our metal wall art says great things about you and your style.

Walls are usually the largest surface area in your room, and represent a substantial amount of the decorative space in your home. So it makes sense that to create a fabulous room, you should start with fabulous walls!

The color a wall is painted and the way it is accessorized can completely change the look and even the feel of an entire room. And adding style and charm to an area as large as your walls isn't always as easy as it sounds. There are lots of great ways to fill those blank spaces on your walls, but an easy and cost effective way to make a statement when decorating your home is with metal wall art.

Iron and steel, because of their malleability are exceptionally versatile mediums for creating wall art. Iron bars can be melted and poured to create cast iron wall décor, steel can be heated, bent and molded into metal wall sculptures, and sheets of metal can be cut and fashioned into metal wall plaques. Whether your tastes run abstract or old world, rustic or natural metal wall art can be found to beautifully depict your style.

Metal Wall Art
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Decorating walls doesn't have to be daunting, metal wall art offers a great way to show creativity and personality, so make your walls your own, and use these clever ideas as starting points for dressing them up!

  • If your home was a book, then the entranceway would be the cover. Whether it's a quaint cottage or a grand palace what a visitor sees when they enter your home makes a statement about you and your family. Consider using a piece of metal wall art in your entryway where it can become a welcoming focal point.
  • Large walls need large wall decor and metal wall hangings offer a great solution to fill up a large, flat wall. Try to hang larger scale items to make your rooms seem bigger. Or create a dramatic wall grouping with numerous smaller pieces.
  • Try setting off a special portrait or a wall collection by adding a "topper" or accent. Metal friezes, pediments and valances make wonderful accents that beautifully frame your favorite pieces.

Metal Wall Art
Shop for Metal Wall Art
  • Enhance the design and character of your home with our beautiful personalized wall plaques. The subtle style of our personalized metal wall plaques adds a distinctive touch to bare walls, detail and dimension to your front porch, or decoration over a doorway.
  • Add a splash of fun and festive color to any wall by hanging a Pressed tin wall plaques. A terrific alternative to framed prints, pressed tin gives a wonderful architectural salvaged appearance.
  • Don't stop with the inside of your home - Metal wall art also offers some unique accent possibilities for your garden, patio, or other outdoor areas. Imagine a beautiful aluminum plaque adorning the wall behind your favorite outdoor patio furniture pieces. What a wonderful way to complete the look of your outdoor living space.
  • Decorative iron plaques are wonderful for adding texture and dimension to the bedroom. An iron gate or a large plaque can make a stunning headboard. Smaller sections of ironwork also can be hung on the wall over your iron bed (of course).
  • Adding meaningful words to your walls is inspirational, unique, and easy with metal words and wall letters.
  • Metal wall decor comes in many styles that depict simple nature designs, such as trees, animals and sunbursts. Wonderful on a patio or sunroom wall, the decorating schemes in which you can use natural pieces in are almost endless.

  • Whatever style of home decor you are looking for; elegant, country, rustic, modern, romantic, vintage or antique, you can be sure there is a piece of metal wall art that will work for you.

    Featured Article:

    Gorgeous Metal Wall Art for Your Interior

    [Posted on March 30]

    One of the ways that Iron Accents strives to help homeowners complete a room is with our incredible selection of wrought iron accessories.  Whether it is curtain rods, shelf brackets or metal wall art, you will find wonderful pieces to enhance your home in addition to the larger wrought iron furniture pieces that we offer.

    Metal Wall Art Adds Style to Any Décor
    Wrought iron is one of the most beautiful and elegant materials available.  This is why you will easily find so many wonderful pieces in our selection of metal wall art to choose from.  No matter what type of room you are trying to enhance, we offer an extensive selection of metal wall art.  Metal wall art is not only a great choice for those with existing wrought iron furniture in a room or area, but the beauty of wrought iron metal wall art can easily enhance other materials as well. 

    Choose Metal Wall Art that Fits Your Style and Personality
    If you are looking to add elegance, style and warmth to your home our choice of metal wall art items is the perfect choice.  Just some of the pieces that you will find delightful and that are perfect for adding ambiance to a room or entire home include our selection of metal wall sculptures, wall sconces, forged metal hooks, mirrors, metal wall plaques wall clocks, wall letters, medallions and much more.

    Finding the Right Piece for Your Wall
    Obviously, everyone’s home is different, this is why in addition to offering a large variety of pieces, we offer various size pieces of wall art as well.  If you have a large flat wall, you will obviously be looking for a larger metal wall art item.  At, we offer a selection to fit practically any size wall.  In addition, we realize that homes are styled differently, that is why if your home is styled after a castle, French chalet or has rustic charm, you will find pieces that easily compliment your décor.

    Shop at Today
    Besides our wonderful selection of metal wall art, we offer a wide variety of furniture and accessories at our site.  We invite you to browse through our many items and view the wide range of products that are not only available for your home, but patio and garden as well.  Just some of the wonderful, quality products we offer include:  iron beds and outdoor patio furniture along with popular items such as wrought iron coffee tables, iron dining chairs and the GG Collection which offers an elegant line of kitchen, tabletop and home décor items.

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