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Dimensional Wall Art & Decor

Ingenious, humorous and sometimes helpful these wall accents will astound guests and amaze friends. You're certainly thinking outside the box. Party invitations are soon to follow!

Airplane Propeller Wall Decor -CS
Regular: $58.00
Sale: $48.99
Lamb Head

Lg Tobacco Basket (Set-2)
Limited Qty
Regular: $168.75
Sale: $136.00
Pediment Relic
Limited Qty
Regular: $281.50
Sale: $230.00
Transom Frame Wall Hanging
Limited Qty
Regular: $178.00
Sale: $142.00
Unity Iron Wall Panel
Sold Out

Windmill Relic Plaque -CS
Regular: $138.00
Sale: $98.99

Dimensional Wall Art
Dimensional Wall Art - Inset