Napkin Rings

Turn an ordinary table setting into something extraordinary. Whether it is for an elegant dinner, a weekend brunch or a casual family meal, when you make the extra effort to set the table beautifully it shows that you really value your guests. Napkin rings are a part of a complete place setting and a beautifully set table is enhanced by an artistically folded napkin and napkin rings that make a statement.

  • Accessorize your table! Dress up solid color napkins with a bit of "bling. You won't believe the difference something as small as a napkin ring can make on your table linens.
  • You've heard the saying "good things come in twos" Why not try using 2 napkins instead of one with your napkin ring. Tuck a solid napkin into a more decorative one for twice the color and compliments.
  • Celebrate your guest's individuality? Use different patterns and/or colors of napkin rings that match their unique personalities. Show them you care by selecting a napkin ring that represents their personality.