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Mathews - Finish Options

These finishes are in an electrostatic powder coat. In this process, finely ground particles of pigment and epoxy-polyurethane resin are electronically charged and sprayed onto a product. The product is then baked in a high temperature oven causing the powder to melt, flow, and then cure, forming a molecular fusion bond. The result is a uniform, durable, high quality finish highly resistant to marring and the effect of temperature and weather.

Black is the standard finish in this line.

Are you having trouble picking a finish?

Order samples of this designers finishes to view in your home; and coordinate, to your decorating project. The cost of the samples will be refunded upon their return.

Please note that due to the differences in computer screens the color samples on this screen may display differently than their actual color. Due to the handcrafted nature of the iron furniture (the finishes are all hand-applied), you should only order a premium finish without viewing a sample, if you have some tolerance for slight variations in color schemes.

Aged Bronze -A base of natural black is given elegant highlights and texture with a hand applied coating of aged bronze. This detail will bring a lustrous elegance to the handcrafted pieces in this line.

Aged Pewter -A base of natural black is given sparkling highlights and texture with hand applied streaks of pewter finish. Bring a lustrous elegance to your hand forged piece with this striking finish.

Black - Actually a dark charcoal in color, this neutral finish shows off the handcrafted look of the piece and blends quite easily most decorating schemes.

Rust - For a more rustic and textured feel the rust finish is a great selection. A base of natural black is enhanced by hand with mottled rust and brown highlights.

Handcrafted Finish -All finishes are handcrafted, resulting in variations from one piece to another as in all great artwork. These variations are a reflection of the unique character of any handcrafted piece. Due to the diverse conditions with which our product is used, there is no guarantee against further oxidation (rust), and finishes can not be "matched" from one piece to the next.