Patio Bar Tables

An assessment of your current outdoor entertaining space reveals that a new patio bar table is needed - stat! Perhaps the previous table had scratches, dents or rust. Clearly it's not going to make the grade this spring and summer. Enter a stunning array of aluminum and iron patio bar tables that will meld easily with your existing chairs. From thirty to forty-six inch rounds, we have a table to meet your space needs.

From cross weave metal styles to decorative mosaic-topped patio bar tables, each has finish options to make it the perfect companion. And while we refer to these beauties as patio bar tables, they shouldn't be thought of as merely a spot to place a drink. On a warm spring evening that traditional patio bar table morphs into a casual dining experience in your own backyard.

38" Bar Table
Finish Options

46" Bar Table
Finish Options

Basketweave Bar Table
Finish Options

Mosaic High Dining Table - 30"
Finish & Mosaic Options

Mosaic High Dining Table - 36"
Finish & Mosaic Options

Mosaic High Dining Table - 42"
Finish & Mosaic Options

Windsor Counter Bar Table
Finish Options