Kitchen Pot Racks

A wrought iron pot rack - whether a simple beam or an elaborate, scrolled design - is a practical way of relieving cabinet congestion by using otherwise wasted space, as well as placing well used cooking utensils within reach. While most pot racks are designed to be suspended over a kitchen island or peninsula, still others can be wall mounted where most needed.

Kitchen Organization

If you're hanging pots, pans, and stovetop cooking utensils, choose a location that's near your range. If you plan to hang items like colanders, bowls, strainers, whisks, and graters, the pot rack could be useful over a prep area. In both cases, it should be mounted away from busy thoroughfares so no one bumps a head.

Hanging pot racks most commonly go over kitchen islands or peninsulas. Other common places are over a sink or counter. Kitchen pot racks do not have to actually hang over anything, although a higher ceiling may be needed in order to ensure adequate clearance of racks in the open.

Wall pot racks are terrific between cabinets or below a cabinet between two longer cabinets.

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Classique Pot Rack
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Oval Iron Pot Rack
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