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30" KNF Mosaic High Dining Tables

A 30" mosaic high dining table is perfect for drinks or a romantic meal for two. Lovely on a small back porch or garden area. This mosaic line, designed by Neille Olson, allows for each high dining table to be custom made to fit your needs. Select from counter or bar height, iron or aluminum, multiple finish options and over 30 mosaic designs. Take it a step farther and add stools set and save over purchasing the items separately. For the 30" high dining tables we suggest no more than 2 stools.

Custom Made by Neille Olson - KNF Mosaic Designs
Dimensions: 30" diameter x 36" or 42"h
Weight: (Base) 48 lbs. (Top) 37 lbs. (Stools) @ 28 lbs. each
Finish: Available in a variety of finishes
Material: Iron or Aluminum & Mosaic
Contains: Base and 30" Mosaic Top. Stools are optional.
Note: As with any cement based product, the stone can expand or contract slightly with moisture or humidity.
Ships: (Truck Delivery Information) curbside delivery is included in the price


Can I leave my tables outside year-round? How do they weather?
Our mosaic tables are made from a proprietary stone blend, stained glass and marble. As a result, they are very durable for years to come in the rain and sun. However, we recommend that the tables be brought in during periods of freeze/thaw cycles as this can place undue stress on the top. Our bases are made from either iron or aluminum and have a thick powder coating to protect from the elements. In regions of high oxidation, it is best to order an aluminum table which will not corrode.

Why is my table a slightly different size than advertised?
As with any cement-based product, the stone can expand or contract slightly with moisture or humidity.

What is the difference between iron and aluminum bases?
In terms of aesthetics, there is no difference. Aluminum will not oxidize, but iron can. If you are living in a climate that tends to be very humid, and very wet, we recommend that you purchase the aluminum base. The aluminum will withstand those climates so you can continue to enjoy your table for years to come!

Please view our - (Mosaic Care & Maintenance Guide)