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Courtyard Tall Candle Holder

Experience the allure of grandeur with our Courtyard Tall Candle Holder, soaring to an astounding height of 5.5 feet. This impressive candleholder commands attention, making it an essential addition for mesmerizing events and an invaluable part of your rental collection. Designed with a three-point base, they ensure stability whether placed elegantly on the floor or amidst a lavish tablescape.

Featuring an antiqued finish, the candle holder radiates a nostalgic charm. Each piece is molded and meticulously finished by hand, adding to its unique and artisanal appeal.

Explore this stunning item and more in our Country French Collection, a specially curated selection of décor inspired by rustic French elegance. The dimensions of this stately piece are 18" x 18" x 63.5", and it's crafted from durable magnesium oxide, ensuring longevity.

This tall candle holder can accommodate candles up to 6.5" in size, emitting a warm, enchanting glow. We recommend covered use to preserve the candle holder's antique charm and to protect it from the elements.

Our Courtyard Tall Candle Holder embodies grandeur and rustic elegance, making it a versatile and visually striking addition to any décor. It promises to transform any setting into an enchanted spectacle of light and shadow.

Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 63.5"
Finish: As Shown
Material: Antiqued
Material: Magnesium oxide
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Curbside delivery is included in the price.