Curved Iron Corbel

      • Here you go! Classic curved and banded wrought iron counter bracket in a selection of sizes. And you can still claim a bit of customization by choosing your finish! Brackets come with 2-3/8" holes drilled on each side to accommodate bolts to secure them.


        Dimensions: Standard sizes;
        6"w x 1.5"d x 7.5"h
        7"w x 1.5"d x 9.5"h
        9"w x 1.5"d x 11.5"h
        12"w x 1.5"d x 15"h
        15"w x 1.5"d x 19"h
        For other sizes please see our custom sized Hand Hammered Iron Corbel.
        Finish: Select from; Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gloss Clear or Matte Clear
        Material: Hand Forged and Hammered Iron
        Contains: Sold individually - Mounting hardware is not included
        Ships: Ground Delivery
      • Shipping in 5-7 Business Day's (Imported)