Edison Style Filament Bulbs

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        Generate a warm glow at a low light level with these early Edison style bulbs. Made with the same technique and materials used back then each style has a different filament pattern when illuminated. These European standard 60 watt bulbs will burn at a gentle 20 watts due to the lower US voltage. Filament bulbs burn less energy and will last longer than standard 60 watt bulbs.


        Dimensions: (LB3-Tube) 1.75"dia x 4.5"h
        (LB6-Tube Corkscrew) 1.75"dia x 5"h
        (LB1-Small) 2.67"dia x 3.75"h
        (LB2-Large) 2.67"dia x 5"h
        (LB12-Globe Medium Curlicue) 3.75" dia.
        (LB11-Globe Large Linear) 5" dia.
        (LB13-Tube Linear) 1.25"dia x 7.25"h
        (LB10-Globe Large Corkscrew) 5" dia.

        Finish: As Shown
        Material: Glass
        Ships: Ground Delivery