Forged Knot Cheese Cutlery

      • Three handsome and rugged cheese servers that exhibit a found on the ground quality by design. Each features a stainless spreader blade and is available in a rustic gold or polished finish. Hand washing recommended.


        Finish: Available in Rustic gold or Polished finish
        Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel & Brass
        Contains: Set of three
        Ships: Ground Delivery

        Hand wash only. Dry immediately, do not allow water to stand.
      • When flatware is left wet in the sink, dishwasher or on the counter acid from food residue can erode the finish and cause rust stains or pitting. This also happens when cutlery is not dried immediately after washing but is left to air dry in the sink tray or dishwasher. To prevent this from happening hand-wash your utensils with a soft sponge and dry them right away. Do not soak them in water.

        Fortunately, unsightly rust spots can be removed. Simply make a paste with one part baking soda to three parts water. Using a soft cloth rub the paste onto the cutlery to remove the rust. For extra protection, apply stainless steel polish a few times a year or whenever the surface becomes dull. Olive oil also works as a great lubricant and protectant for metal.