PVC Outdoor Misting System

      • Reduce outdoor temperatures up to 25º using only a few gallons of water an hour with this complete, low-pressure, PVC cooling System. Higher water pressure produces more water volume and an even finer mist that evaporates more effectively and this system is designed to work with water pressure up to 250 PSI. Great for misting patios, stables, sports areas and greenhouses - this PVC outdoor misting system is paintable and expandable and includes everything you need for easy installation, including the glue. This system is fully expandable from 19 feet and 10 nozzles up to 84 feet and 42 nozzles with 70 psi of household water pressure. (Additional ½" schedule 40 or 80 PVC pipe and ½ inch misting tees with nozzles needed for expansion).


        Dimensions: 19 total feet of 1/2 inch heavy wall, UV resistant PVC.
        Finish: As Shown
        Material: Top quality .5" schedule 40 UV resistant PVC pipe. PVC fittings and brass misting nozzles help to eliminate corrosion and reduce clogging/scaling.
        10 - PVC Misting Nozzle Tees
        10 - Brass Misting Nozzles
        9 - 2 ft. Lengths of UV Protected PVC Pipe
        1 - 1 ft. Length of UV Protected PVC Pipe
        1 - Drain Valve & Filter Washer
        1 - Swivel Hose Adapter with Filter Washer
        1 - PVC Elbow
        12 - PVC Mounting Clamps
        1 - PVC Plug
        1 - Can PVC glue
        Ships: Ground Delivery