Tufted Titmouse Garden Art

      • So named for the real thing's mousey color and Elvis crest of feathers. Considered very inquisitive and very vocal as a species. And they tilt their heads when they "talk." Probably sounds like someone you know! We prefer our version in an exceptional rust color holding onto a branch like a microphone.


        Dimensions: 5.25"w x .25"d x 4.25"h
        Weight: 4 oz.
        Finish: Very rusty and will continue to rust unless sealed. Spray with a clear polyurethane to seal the finish.
        Material: Steel
        Ships: Ground Delivery

      • This line of beautifully unique products features custom made - not mass produced pieces handmade from reclaimed building materials. Each rusted wren, sparrow and chickadee in this line is custom made right here in the USA. And although we strive to keep them in stock - we can and do run short. If they are in stock they will ship in approximately 1-2 days, if not the production process can take 2-3 weeks, and can run longer if backlogged.

        When we confirm your order we will email you an expected shipping date. If you have questions or have a rush requirement please call 866-Get-Iron or email us.