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Scarf Decor Brackets & Rings

Scarf Decor Brackets: These pieces make scarf treatments easy. Each mounts directly to the wall with the welded bracket attached to the back of the ring. All styles and finishes are available like the scarf decor rings, except with the mounting bracket

Design Tip: Use as a decorative rod bracket to support a wooden rod up to 2-1/4" diameter close to the wall. Great for hanging tapestries, since the rod is held close to the wall.

Scarf Decor Rings: Use one or several rings on any diameter rod up to 2" to hold decorative scarf swags. Each ring is 2-1/2" inside diameter to hold most fabrics and fabrics with trim. For lighter weight fabrics, wrap around the ring one or two times. These really make an ordinary rod simply stunning!

Special Note: This style must have a rod to support the ring.