Serving Bowls & Platters

We like ours utilitarian to the core, but never a bore. The humble serving bowl scales new heights in our collection of decorative vessels - many are on pedestals to give the pasta more perspective, the salad more supremacy. We also offer the standard bearers, albeit with a bit more punch. Since they are a part of just about everything we do to get dinner on the table, we proudly offer more "joy" of cooking - with a bevy of bowls that beautify their contents.

Platters: Dish it up and serve it! Transfer those New York strips from the grill to the party porch and the Easter ham from the oven to Grandmothers house. We even have copper platters with domed covers to make breakfast pancakes a room service experience. Vintage English Tea Rose to raised scrollwork; baroque to Tuscan… our plentiful platters perform.