Assembly of Stone County Ironworks Iron Beds

Each complete Stone County bed comes with a headboard, footboard, two side rails and hardware. The Queen & King size frames come with three supporting cross rails.

This diagram below shows the rail system fully assembled.

  • Attach each side rail to the headboard. This will stabilize the headboard and allow you to work on the crossrails (if provided, for the larger sizes). Each crossrail bolts beneath the side rail. Tighten them, but not too tight, as there will still be some "play" in the rails.
  • Attach the footboard to the ends of the side rails. You may now tighten all of the bolts to eliminate any looseness. Be careful not to overtighten, however.
  • The box spring will fit snugly inside the frame, and when you lay the mattress on the box spring, you should have several inches between the headboard or footboard and mattress. This is to allow for plenty of blankets and linens to fit inside the frame.