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Wrought Iron Tapestry Hardware

Today’s demand for unique tapestry art by architects, interior designers and homeowners has increased as a result of larger home construction with expansive ceilings and interior spaces. Wall tapestries, also known as wall hangings, offer an ideal solution to many design challenges and can be found in a variety of sizes, colors and themes.

If you are considering decorating with tapestries you will need a way to display them. Our selection of tapestry rods and hangers offers just the solution you need.

Tapestry Hangers
Tapestry Toppers
Tapestry Hangers

Hang your tapestries in style with our beautiful collection of wrought iron tapestry rods.

Tapestry Toppers

For a more decorative presentation of your favorite tapestry our wrought iron plaques or "Toppers" will lend a beautiful touch.

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Tapestry Hardware
Tapestry Hardware - Inset