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Pressed Tin Wall Plaques

These old, tin wall hangings have been backed with pine, are lightweight and easy to hang. What a terrific alternative to framed prints. The ancient architectural designs provide superior visual impact and will add abundant design and dimension to any interior space.

Pressed Tin Wall Plaques - Medium
Pressed Tin Wall Plaques - Large
Pressed Tin Wall Plaques - Medium

Pressed Tin Wall Plaques - Large

In the mid nineteenth century, tin ceilings were introduced to as an affordable alternative to the exquisite plasterwork used in European homes. These tin panels were manufactured from thin rolled tin-plate that was pressed between two cast iron dies permanently embedding intricate patterns into the tin. Durable, lightweight, fireproof, and easy to mass produce, pressed tin ceilings were appealing to home and business owners alike.

Today, pressed tin seems to be enjoying a re-birth as homeowners look for unique ways to add architectural interest and character to their homes interiors. And while it may be cost prohibitive to cover an entire ceiling, the unique texture and durability of pressed tin makes it an excellent choice for decorating projects ranging from backsplash to walls and windows.

Whether you want to create the illusion of an age long past, or just give your home a bit of personality and depth, the old world flavor of pressed tin makes a distinctive artistic statement.
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Tin Wall Plaques
Tin Wall Plaques - Inset