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April 29, 2019 1 min read

Tin Framed Blackboard Sign
Country isn’t just a place outside the city, and it isn’t all about crops and coops and big red barns. In our world, it’s a pleasantly playful state of mind. It’s a less complicated, laid back style of living that features wit, whimsy and more than a few pigs. Our fascination with Casual Country places wood, tin, wire, burlap, rustic and vintage as keywords in the thematic décor conversation. From embroidered pillows to decorative stoneware, useful trays to artfully reclaimed wall silhouettes, the appeal of these pieces is as wistful as the memory of summer visits to the old homestead. Wherever that might be.

Not from ’round here?…

A devoted city slicker who wouldn’t know a Rhode Island Red from a russet potato? Then we’ll just have to “school” you on the best of casual, yet contemporary, ornamentation with a farm to table feel. Caddies, containers and Compass Rose wall plaques that raise the bar on rustic wood, iron and chicken wire. Comfortable, welcoming things that confess that you know where you came from. Show some love for your backstory even if it does include pigs.

Adjustable Tractor Seat StoolFarm House Napkin Caddy w/ ShakersGalvanized Pig Planters (Set-2)